Introduction to the Vienna Reading Center

The Vienna Reading Center (VRC) provides best-in-class imaging services for clinical, pharmaceutical and academic research in the area of ophthalmology. We are a professional team equipped to respond to the requirements of both international multi-center and single-site investigator studies. Our group includes dedicated clinical retinal experts, high-end software development with year-long ophthalmic image analysis background, administrative and quality management personnel and certified readers. The VRC has established a solid network of collaborations with over 600 academic sites distributed across 5 continents, which have served successfully in numerous prospective randomized clinical trials.

In addition to our imaging services, we offer a broad range of complementary services to effectively accomplish new therapeutic strategies for ocular diseases. Our services are supported by state-of-the-art technology offering conventional as well as the most specialized methods available in image analysis; the VRC has received ISO 9001 certification.

Founded in 2005 as the first fully digital image analysis platform world-wide, the VRC is a subunit of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Medical University of Vienna, one of the largest medical universities in Europe. An important focus of our group is the development of computational image analysis methods. This activity is fostered by close collaboration with the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Ophthalmic Image Analysis (OPTIMA), a separate research unit at the Department of Ophthalmology.