Certified Devices

The VRC provides imaging services for a broad range of devices. To assure proper image handling within our systems we are in continuous contact with all major equipment manufacturers and regularly certify their products for our system.

All swivel-mounted cameras are accepted for studies at the VRC for CF/FA/FAF/ICG examinations which are able to perform images according to our examination protocol requirements.

CF examinations require a minimum resolution of 1536 x 1536 pixels captured with a 30/35 degree angle;
FAF/ICG/FA require a minimum resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels captured with a 30/35 degree angle;
Only FAF images performed on Heidelberg devices may be captured with 768 x 768 pixels captured with a 30/35 degree angle.

The most common devices used at the VRC are mentioned below. Please contact VRC if your cameras are not listed or if your digital devices cannot fulfil the requirements mentioned above to find out if it is suitable for a particular study.

Canon CF-60 UV
Canon CF-60UVi
Canon CX-1
Canon OCT-HS100

Clarity medical systems
Clarity RetCam 2
Clarity RetCam 3
Clarity RetCam Shuttle

Heidelberg Engineering
Heidelberg Spectralis OCT
Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCT
Heidelberg Spectralis HRA

Kowa VX10
Kowa VX20

Topcon Topcon 1000
Topcon Topcon 2000
Topcon DRI Atlantis
Topcon DRI Triton
Topcon 2000 FA Plus
Topcon 50 DX
Topcon NW6s
Topcon TRC 50 DX
Topcon TRC 50EX
Topcon TRC-NW7SF

Zeiss CIRRUS OCT – until V4.5
Zeiss FF450+
Zeiss Visucam 200
Zeiss Visucam 500
Zeiss Visucam Pro NM

Your device is not certified yet? Please contact us for details and requirements.